Dog Training

dog training - mina helping dog into pond (training)
  • Dog training is done off leash with high levels of distraction and command given from a far distance
  • We train all breeds and temperaments (shy, fearful and aggressive dogs)
Certified from the only government accredited dog school in canada

Dog Safe - Canine First Aid

Dog Training

The following is a list of commands that you will be equipped with after the training period with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and 3 to 4 sessions with yourself, the owner, for the transfer of command.
At the end of the training sessions all commands will be executed OFF LEASH
dog training - outdoor business

Personalized commands

  • Any behavioral problems that you let us know about or ones that arise during the training will be addressed in order to equip you with ways by which to deal with them

Come (come and sit in front of you)

  • The dog will be trained to come from a distraction and come from a distance in order to follow this command.

Sit Command

  • With duration – the dog will be trained to remain seated for a period of 3 minutes without getting up or dropping down.
  • With distractions – the dog will be trained to remain seated regardless of distractions in his or her surroundings.
  • With distance – the dog will be trained to follow your command to sit down even if you are 30 feet away

Walking on a leash

  • The dog will be trained to walk in a proper manner without any pulling or tugging of the leash.

Other FUN tricks

  • Not only are these tricks fun for the dog, they will strengthen the bond between the dog and the dog owner as well as increase the dog’s confidence.

Down command

  • With duration
  • With distractions
  • With distance
dog training - doberman looking outside


  • $100 for a 1 training session


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