Raw food compliments a dog’s natural diet and is known to greatly increase its health and well-being.

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The benefits of feeding raw:

  • Promotes longevity and a fuller life
  • Promotes a shinier coat and healthier skin
  • Cleaner and healthier teeth
  • Higher and more balanced energy levels
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved digestion
  • Leaner body mass
  • Smaller and less smelly stool

What the raw food diet consists of:

  • Muscle meat (can be on the bone)
  • Bones either whole or ground
  • Organ meats such as liver or kidney
  • Raw eggs
  • Optional fruit and veggies

Benefits of each protein:

Beef is a main protein full of vitamin A,E,D,K, and the important omega 3. It is essential to help
maintain a healthy immune system and skeletal structure. Helps provide and maintain energy and is
a great option for dogs that suffer from allergies, arthritis, and heart disease.
Chicken is a super protein, chalked full of Vitamin A, Niacin (known for its cancer protective
properties) and higher levels of the B Vitamin. It is higher in fat and calories which is perfect for the
more active or working dog.
Is a rich nutrient-rich organ meat that provides protein, fat and Vitamin A. Liver is also a good
source of copper, iron, niacin, zinc and essential amino acids. Remember that too much liver can
cause an overdose of Vitamin A. A good rule of thumb is 5% of your dogs weekly diet.
Heart is a pure muscle meat that includes more protein and also the unique nutrient CoQ10 .
CoQ10 is vital for the function of cells and also to help maintain heart rhythm. Helps build muscle,
store energy, and boost stamina and endurance.
Tripe is the stomach of grazing animals. It contains enzymes, good bacteria, and amino acids that
helps in the digestion process. It also offers a boost to the immune system and will help spur on a
dogs appetite. Treats diarrhea and constipation, soothes GI upset and infections. Great for dogs that
have IBS symptoms and also seasonal outdoor allergies. Tripe is fed as a supplement.
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How much should my dog eat?

Puppies eat 8% to 10% of their body weight.

Adults eat 2% to 3 % of their body weight.

So just take your dogs weight in pounds and multiply that by 0.02 or 0.03 for adults and 0.08 or 0.10 for puppies and that will give you the amount per day.