Raw Dog Food

It’s What They Were Born to Eat

Our raw dog food is formulated by experts and uses only the freshest and highest quality raw ingredients to give your dog the diet they were born to eat.

Dogs Reformed

Premium Dog Food

Diet your pet was meant to eat
Formula created to maintain the vital nutrients
Organic and cruelty free ingredients
Sourced locally
No grains, fillers, hormones, or chemical preservatives
A meal your pet will look forward to eating

Loved by pets and recommended by their families

Ed B.

“amazing change” 

“We have trusted our pups with Mina and Dogs Reformed for almost 10 years. His raw food is amazing but recently he has released a supplement for dogs that I’ve started to use on my aging King Shepherd and now fully on all my pups.”


Kaiah D.

“My dog LOVES the food” 

“Decided to try Dogs Reformed for their Raw food & it was the best decision I ever made. (prices are great btw) My dog LOVES the food – He eats every last piece. He now has this craziness he gets when it is feeding time, now he actually enjoys his meals! BUT the real benefit of this food was what it did for my dog – in such a short amount of time he began to put on weight/muscle and look healthy.”